Our Story

We do things a little different here.

Firstly, we’re independent and employee-owned.

The Brewers are the Owners.  As Brewers, this gives us the freedom to make the beers we want and explore ideas we are passionate about.  We are fierce believers in Independence.  We started Invasive Species because we are truly passionate about what we do and we couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

Secondly, we have no distribution agreements.

This means we have no flagships and we don’t brew the same beers over and over again.  It also means our beer is only available at our Taproom.

We brew on a 5bbl direct fire system we pieced together ourselves.  We design our beers from scratch by building specific water profiles based on style and taste from Reverse Osmosis filtered water.  We use dozens of yeasts strains, many of which are house blends we crafted that are unique to our brewery.  We use all types of different ingredients and seek out local products we grow or harvest throughout Florida.  Our small size and structure give us the ability to innovate and push the boundaries of creativity.

We strive to make both traditional and progressive beers that are well thought out and exhibit balance, flavor, and a sense of place.

Our Taproom is open 7 days a week, with an ever-rotating selection of house-made beers to enjoy here or take home in 32oz Growlers.

Here’s what some of the locals are saying about us:

Sun Sentinel – Best New Brewery 2017


Miami New Times – Invasive Species offers Experimental Beers at Ft Lauderdale Brewery


Fort Lauderdale Daily – Invasive Species Promises to be Ft Lauderdale’s Funkiest New Brewery.


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